Caregivers Center

Caregiver Center

Caregiver Center makes tracking your caregivers information easy with tools to organize their HR information including worker skills, scheduling preferences, CORI checks, in-services, pay-rates and time-off requests.

Key Features

Caregiver Information
Track availability and time-off
Track worker evaluations, expirations, training
Enter special caregiver skills and certifications
Caregiver Search
Search by specific skills
Search by availability
Search by in-services
HR Information
Track HIPAA, OSHA compliance
Track driver licenses, work visas, citizenship
Track I9's and W4's
Track all correspondence with caregivers
Turn notes into reminders/alerts
Create notes to track shift cancellations
Set hourly or flat-fee rates
Set rates for each service types
Set overtime rates

System Requirements

The following hardware and software is REQUIRED to run Elements VISTA™. If your computer doesn't meet these requirements, you may not be able to run Elements VISTA™ successfully:

Recommended Workstation Configurations

  • Windows XP (All Editions)
    • 1.5GHz processor or faster
    • 512MB of RAM Minimum. 1GB or more is recommended
    • 300MB of disk space
    • Service Pack 2 installed
  • Windows VISTA (All Editions)
    • 2.0GHz processor or faster
    • 1GB of RAM
    • 300MB of disk space

Additional Workstation Requirements:

  • All Windows Editions
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
    • Broadband Internet Connection(DSL, Cablemodem)
    • Internet 6.0 or newer(Firefox not supported)

Recommended Server Configuration

Please consult your IT Professional for server recommendations. This will vary depending on how many users you will handle concurrently.
  • Windows XP Professional(Windows 2003 SP2 recommended)
    • 2GHz processor, Pentium 4
    • 1GB of RAM
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
    • 5GB diskspace for SQL Server 2005 installation

Integration/Compatibility Requirements:

  • Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance Claims
    • SoLace (connector required)
  • Telephony
    • Santrax (connector required)

Discover Elements VISTA™

Guided Tour
Click on the screenshot to the left to take a guided tour of Elements VISTA™ where you can learn how easy it is to use, enter worker data, and print out the results.

Frequently Asked Questions