Mobile Use

Mobile Use

This feature is only available for our Hosted Customers. This requires either an internet-connected computer or a mobile device with a data plan.

  • Client Referral

    Take client referrals online from your own website and have the information automatically entered into your Elements VISTA™ application, preventing the need for you to re-enter the data into your system.

  • Worker Application

    Take worker applications online from the Web and it will automatically be entered into your Elements VISTA™ application.

  • Schedules, Clients and Worker Info

    Your workers will be able to access their schedules for the week via the web, whether it be from a computer or from their mobile device(including blackberry, iphone or any other mobile device).

    Your workers will also be able to check their information to ensure that all information is correct and up to date. They also will be able to check on their client's information to ensure that they are providing the best possible service.

  • Punch In/Out via the Web!

    Your workers will not need to use a phone to punch in or out anymore with this new feature. If they have a mobile device, they can easily punch in and out on the road without having to make a phone call.