Developing Elements VISTA™ requires that we carefully select partners that help accommodate the needs of our customers. You will find that our partners help streamline efforts to integrate your data with accounting software packages, reduce operational costs, and offer you a single source for all your technology needs.

  • Elements VISTA™ is built using Microsoft .NET Technology
  • We use Microsoft SQL technology to handle our data

  • Developers of QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Elements VISTA™ integrates with QuickBooks to create invoices and send over time sheet information

  • An interface for electronic medical claims billing
  • Medicaid, Medicare, third party billing
  • HIPPA compliant
  • **requires subscription from Axiom (Based on claim volume)

  • A Leader in Telephony since 1994
  • Verification of caregiver visits promotes accountability
  • Can be used for authorization of billables
  • **requires subscription from Sandata (Based on call volume)