Scheduling Center

Scheduling Center

The Scheduling Center allows you to schedule and track visits at a glance and allows for recurring visits that fit any criteria you specify. Our Scheduling Center can be viewed by day, week or month and can print out schedules for your clients or caregivers.

Key Features

Creating Schedules
Schedule by client needs, service orders
Schedule one caregiver or multiple caregivers
Add notes to each shift
Color Coding
See unfilled shifts
see who cancelled shift
Enter personal information relating to client
Scheduling Conflicts
Alerts you if shifts double-booked
Helps avoid scheduling past service orders
Helps avoid scheduling past authorization dates
Editing the Schedule
Make spot changes
Make multiple changes at once
Process schedule changes right up until billing
Integrate with telephony providers
Push and pull schedules to the providers
View call logs
Alerts you if shifts not called in

System Requirements

The following hardware and software is REQUIRED to run Elements VISTA™. If your computer doesn't meet these requirements, you may not be able to run Elements VISTA™ successfully:

Recommended Workstation Configurations

  • Windows XP (All Editions)
    • 1.5GHz processor or faster
    • 512MB of RAM Minimum. 1GB or more is recommended
    • 300MB of disk space
    • Service Pack 2 installed
  • Windows VISTA (All Editions)
    • 2.0GHz processor or faster
    • 1GB of RAM
    • 300MB of disk space

Additional Workstation Requirements:

  • All Windows Editions
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
    • Broadband Internet Connection(DSL, Cablemodem)
    • Internet 6.0 or newer(Firefox not supported)

Recommended Server Configuration

Please consult your IT Professional for server recommendations. This will vary depending on how many users you will handle concurrently.
  • Windows XP Professional(Windows 2003 SP2 recommended)
    • 2GHz processor, Pentium 4
    • 1GB of RAM
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
    • 5GB diskspace for SQL Server 2005 installation

Integration/Compatibility Requirements:

  • Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance Claims
    • SoLace (connector required)
  • Telephony
    • Santrax (connector required)

Discover Elements VISTA™

Guided Tour
Click on the screenshot to the left to take a guided tour of Elements VISTA™ where you can learn how easy it is to use, schedule clients and workers, and print out the results.

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